BMW 140i and 240i

Although already talked about the introduction that BMW had made in the Series 1 and Series 2, for the moment did not know the prices for our market, but have now been released and BMW already supports orders, although the first units will not reach dealerships until the month of July.

Evolutionary change was that now the M135i 3 and 5-door and the M235i Coupe and Cabrio (including xDrive) are renamed M140i and M240i, so continue positioning itself just as the last step before the M and his name change beyond that, also receives a power increase to 340 hp allowing them to perform the 0-100 km / h in 0.3 seconds less besides achieving fuel consumption 7% lower.

BMW 140i and 240i 2

BMW 140i and 240i
BMW 140i and 240i: The evolution of the 135i and 235i already exists, from 44,750 EUR 2

The range of both models continues to be available in coupe and convertible body styles, plus two boxes of different exchange (six-speed manual and eight-speed automatic), in addition to equipping them with the xDrive if we opt for the automatic transmission.

If we go for the M140i, it performs the 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds with manual transmission, while the Steptronic box is reduced to 4.6 seconds with an average consumption approved of 7,8l / 100 km and 7,1l / 100 km respectively. Meanwhile, the M240i Coupe recorded identical figures with both gearboxes, even if we opt for the Convertible variant, need 4.9 seconds and 4.7 seconds with Steptronic change.

Prices for 135i and 235i BMW Spain

BMW M140i 3 doors: 44,750 euros
BMW M140i xDrive doors 3: 49,150 euros
BMW M140i 5-door: 45,700 euros
BMW M140i xDrive doors 5: 50,100 euros
BMW M240i Coupe: 49,500 euros
BMW M240i xDrive Coupe: 54,300 euros
BMW M240i Convertible: 55,950 euros
BMW M240i xDrive Cabrio: 60,350 euros

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