BMW 750d

And you advertise it recently and I were talking about it, but today it formalizes BMW: the 750D lands on the range. It is a model with an unusual engine in its range: in addition to being the most powerful diesel in the history of the firm, is a diesel inline six-cylinder engine, 400 horsepower, 760 Nm of torque and … four turbochargers.

This engine will play the 750D xDrive and xDrive 750Ld in the first instance, so as you can see, they share an inescapable feature: all-wheel drive. And the automatic transmission Steptronic eight-speed, a combination that we will see in future models of the range in which it will land, which will be the most luxurious SUV in the Bavarian firm, such as the X5, the X6 and finally, X7.

Now: BMW introduced the 750D, diesel with four turbos 1

In the case of 750D xDrive, a figure its 0-100 km / h in 4.6 seconds with a top speed of 250 km / h, assuming an improvement of 0.3 seconds in this sprint against three turbo engine it replaces . Also, despite increasing its power, average consumption is reduced by 11%, reaching between 5.7 and 5,9l / 100 km depending on the chosen configuration, with emissions of CO2 from 149 to 154 g / km .

BMW 750d 2

BMW 750d machine

BMW 750d
Its technology common rail direct injection offers even more precise piezo injectors with an injection pressure of over 2,500 bars, which allows a measurement of the injection more precise, also adding as a new one exhaust gas recirculation for low pressure supercharging system, with a further for high blood pressure that aims to improve efficiency. Also makes use of an indirect cooling system charge air has more capacity than the previous engine.

Now: BMW introduced the 750D, diesel with four turbos 3

According to BMW, with this new configuration of turbos, in addition to the aforementioned benefits, also a stronger and linear response is achieved, since now two of them are dedicated to operate at low engine speeds, while the other two are designed to operating at high loads, thus allowing better torque delivery.

For now we know the price, although at the beginning of July will be when they start landing at dealerships in Spain the first units.

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