BMW M5 xDrive

BMW M5 xDrive

The current BMW M5 still has a long road ahead, it’s something we are very aware. After more than four years on the market, the ultimate expression of F10 has already passed the Ecuador of its useful life and the new generation of the 5 Series on the horizon and less than a year away, it’s time to start thinking about everything what will bring the sportiest and fastest sedan ever built by the Bavarian house based in Munich. And so, after much time speculating and talking, it seems that things start to unravel … and how.

For over two years we are speculating and to some extent confirming that the next M5 highlight especially have all-wheel drive as standard. The latest rumors are last January and by then it was clear that the permanent four wheel drive is a priority in developing the new M5. The main reasons undergo extreme competition with the Audi RS6 and the Mercedes E 63 AMG -both in way-, and the need to increase everything possible grip and cornering German. Sufficient grounds to motivate not only the installation of xDrive, but also a host of improvements that will catapult the M5 to a time when asphalt circuit and fall far short of the current M5 F10.

Power Needs AWD
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The current M5 F10 develops 560 horses, a figure that once ran as explosive and now continues along the same path. However, with the main German rivals and new additions like the Cadillac CTS-V with 640 hp, it is clear that the new M5 will break the barrier of 600 horses and to hold off so much power in a D-segment sedan, the AWD is practically mandatory. However, we must stress that standard will remain rear-wheel drive and here no change, there will be no obligation for the purists who want a M5 came as the world several decades ago. Perhaps in the second successive generation yes, but not this one.

Under the hood, the engine is an evolution of the current V8 4.4-liter Twin Turbo and the Bavarians maintain this engine for the tremendous development that predisposes margin. There will be completely new engine, because it is not necessary.

The placing on the market will be in 2017, the standard 5 Series will land in 2016
BMW has not announced if the new 5 Series debut in the latter part of this year, it may be too soon. Given that follow a similar development to guide 7 Series, that is, more CFRP and light alloy components such as aluminum reinforced in itself the net weight will be greatly reduced and increased chassis rigidity is strong. Myocardial technological capabilities as autonomous driving, available on higher-end versions and optional on the next M5 will also be added.

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