Bridgestone Blizzak LM001

Bridgestone Blizzak LM001

Bridgestone has extended its line of winter tires with the launch of the new Blizzak LM001, special wheels made using the most advanced technology and equipped with a special compound and a tread-plate, capable of promoting good stability and high security in over distances on wet tracks, snowy or icy.

Bridgestone developed the test track, located in northern Sweden, the new Blizzak LM001 are therefore ideal for use in harsh winter conditions, but at the same time offer high performance even on dry, ensuring a great comfort to passengers, not to mention the optimization the performance of the car on which they are mounted.

Compared to the tires of the older generation, in fact, the Bridgestone Blizzak LM001 are able to maximize the performance of the car at the same time offering a better ride comfort thanks to low rolling noise. In addition to this, the Blizzak LM001 offering excellent qualities of the seal is on a dry road, both on wet asphalt, making a good grip even in the case of snow, thanks to a better compression of the latter.

The secret of the new Bridgestone is the special design of the tread pattern, characterized by a number of blocks and grooves inclined 3D, able to offer optimal traction in all conditions and shorter braking distances, without forgetting the less wear than the tires of the previous generation, estimated at an average of 15%. The joints rounded edges of the blocks permit immediate water drainage on the tire while driving on wet roads or full of mud and melted snow, so as to offer a high handling and maximum safety.

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