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Cadillac announced more than two months since the menu of vintage 2015 CTS. But now shows only the most visible change with the adoption of the new logo …

Despite having already detailed in May changes made ​​to the CTS for the year 2015, we would like to devote to it again a few lines. For it is not every day that a brand is changing its logo. Although for this Cadillac takes the usual historical records to actually find more than 20 different logos affixed to the models of the brand since its founding in 1902 …

History Logo Cadillac2 Cadillac CTS 2015 shows its new logo

The logo has evolved over the years: with or without his laurel wreath, surmounted by a crown more or less discrete, with the full name “La Mothe Cadillac” or the slogan “Standard of the World”, with wings (1932 and 1933), along with a wide V (40s and 50s) … The brand now opts for a minimalist style that CTS resumes are round after leaving the small ATS (coupe and sedan) the reveal.

Today :

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