McLaren 650 S Spider and P1 Special Operations

McLaren 650 S Spider

McLaren is known for his victories in F1 and its supercar that some years are challenging in a niche market, the most famous brands such as Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. Obviously, for those who want a car even more personal, there are models Special Operations, a kind of atelier specialized in making supercar in line with the wishes of the customer.

An example of these projects was provided by the House in Woking with 2 special models built for specific customers, which will be on display at the Concours d’Elegance at Pebble Beach, in a square, the American one, very important for the car market luxury.

The first is a 650 S boasts a livery Cerulean Blue with carbon fiber details that enrich the front, the side and the rear, where the speaker stands. Of course, there are the specific design alloy wheels with 10 spokes and chrome exhaust.

Inside there is a profusion of leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber, while stand out blue stitching adorning the dashboard of this sport also identified by a specific panel. To complete the picture the portions in front of goal with specific logos.

Turning to P1, stands the gray livery with hints of orange that are very reminiscent of the relationship with the F1, the Carter is in 24 carat gold and speaks volumes of how valuable this car to be built in a limited series and the cost so high that seems awkward even writing it.

Even in the P1 Carbon and alcantara are the masters inside since the link with the world of racing is even more pronounced. In particular we find the seats with carbon shell to ensure maximum stiffness and lightness and the 4-point belts that will certainly be uncomfortable on the road but offer an incredible support once put the wheels on the track.

To see them, you can browse our gallery or go to California where you can admire them live.

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