Mercedes Pick-Up Class X

During the past year 2015 we have spoken at length about it will be a completely new model in the German mark and never before seen. The Mercedes SUV will be the most important commitment of the German mark in the range of off-road models offered, beyond the niche sales, it will not be very large, by the fact that a totally new concept and an idea that makes just a few years, it would have seemed unthinkable.

Called unofficially as Mercedes Class X, the German pickup will not be a project high cost for the mark of the star because both the chassis and the most basic parts of German will be used in the Nissan Navara, since the agreement Mercedes and Nissan-Renault, will be a mandatory step for cost savings and a direct positioning in the market without having to resort to a long development and investment of several years pass. For though the first thing you see will be a prototype, the intention of the German mark will directly bring it to market.

More engines and a variety of direct marketing in 2017

Mercedes-Benz bet on the X Class with a wide variety of powertrains that go beyond the single 2.3 dCi Navara carrying and which is divided into two versions: 160 and 190 hp and 2.3 liters. In the Mercedes Class X we will see a wider range of powertrains both 4 and 6 cylinder, including a version of access probably Renault motor home and approximately 125 horses. The initial prototype will make a first appearance in the last quarter of this year, and sales will start before the summer of 2017, including markets such as Spain

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