Morgan EV3

Morgan EV3

The Goodwood Festival of speed usually is usually stage for brands to present their more sports and spicy versions, but in an increasingly focused on alternative energy automotive industry, such events have increasingly greater space models like that we’re going to reel as follows: Morgan EV3. It is basically the electric variant of the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is already a model with a virtually unique, taking direct inspiration of sports decades ago, resulting in a design that leaves no one indifferent configuration wherever he goes. There are many celebrities who have scrounged up one, and that has not done anything to feed back a string in which the small birtánico manufacturer has been the main beneficiary to achieve a respectable commercial success with the model.

To strengthen its growth and increasing demand for electric (although there was an approach some years ago in Geneva with the Plus E prototype), at the Festival of Goodwood will carry an electric prototype 3 Wheeler, equipped with an electric thruster 75 kW (about 102 hp) located in the rear. The autonomy is 240 km, but even more interesting is the overall weight of no less than 450 kg, ie, it is therefore lighter than conventional 3 Wheller.

For now know if they come into production, most likely so, but as a limited edition for those customers interested.

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