Nissan Micra 2017

The Nissan Micra has built over the years the role of the elegant compact, following a maturation process that led to the rounded lines and like, especially by women. This approach has been completely revised in 2015, with the arrival of Sway, a prototype with very sharp lines that touched the responsibility to make it clear which direction he would follow the fifth series of the Micra, unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. His style is in fact very elaborate and bold, sporty impression to be acceptable also to young people and children in particular.

taut lines and tail spoiler
The new Micra recalls the mask V of the latest Nissan and adopts rather unusual solutions for a vehicle in this class, namely the rear door handles hidden in the uprights and the small wing at the top of the rear window. It is 3.99 m long, 1.74 m wide and 1.45 m high. The men of the Japanese have also taken care of aerodynamics, on-road comfort and appearance, so much to offer ten exterior colors and up to 125 different colors inside / outside. The driving position is lowered, to better adapt to people of high stature, while technically the systems are expected to improve bump absorption (Active Ride Control) and to nullify the effects of understeer (Active Trace Control).
by superior technology



The engines available at launch are two 3-cylinder gasoline engine and a 4-cylinder diesel. The 900 cc IG-T develops 90 hp and makes use of the turbo, the 1.0 aspirated delivers 73 hp and the 1.5 dCi diesel producing 90 hp. Among the most significant facilities there are in the screen 7-inch dashboard, the Bose audio system with amplifiers inserted in the headrests and the latest technology in terms of driver assistance, such as the warning against unintended lane change, braking emergency, the system for monitoring blind spots and cameras for the 360-degree view. The new Nissan Micra will be built in the plant in Flins French and will be on sale from March 2017.

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