Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2016

The new features Land Rover have Name: Range Rover Evoque Convertible, an SUV convertible with a canvas roof that opens a niche hitherto unexplored. Already on sale for a price that starts from 54,700 euros and the first units will be delivered in late spring of this year.

And when it seemed that we had seen in the SUV segment, just at that moment when one would have said it was impossible to improve something, Land Rover arrives and surprises everyone with the new Evoque Convertible. We are talking about an SUV convertible, a full bet of the British firm that has been thrown into the pool head.

The SUV segment still has an unstoppable pull to be seized at all costs. If conventional models are already burned, welcome is a new concept able to break the mold completely and take a breath of fresh air to the market. It’s risky, but it is also true that there is nothing like that, if it ends up working, you can catapult the brand to success.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2016

Designed and produced in Gaydon plant in Halewood, it is practically a Evoque that have gotten him the scissors for the waist line to make it convertible and you can look hair in the wind. Therefore, it is exactly like the normal model but with a canvas roof that gives a very curious aspect. This top is made with five layers of fabric and is the largest of few currently on the market. It is removed and placed in seconds thanks to four electric motors that can work even with the car running (as long as it traveled at least 48 km / h) and has a great sound-absorbing capacity.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible 2016
The experience of shooting opencast in the Evoque convertible is spectacular, even in midwinter. The heating is responsible for keeping the body warm and the windshield frame covers better than in many other rafter head. But the best is not a mere postureo car, but it really works when shooting. Engineers have managed to make this road Evoque a stable, powerful field and a very strong structure vehicle. Unlike many other convertibles, it does not decompose to roll on bumpy areas. Even despite its almost 2 tons of weight moves from an unusually agile.

In the technology section, the protagonists are certain elements such as all-wheel drive, all terrain progress the roll control field or park distance control. Meanwhile, under the hood there are three options available: two diesel, 150 and 180 hp, and 240 hp gasoline. For now we can only talk about the most powerful diesel, which was the only available at the launch event to the press, and we can say that it moves with dignity Evoque Convertible offers benefits but not to shoot rockets. Here they come to light two tons of weight, which certainly hinder the performance of an engine itself has seemed remarkable in other models like the Discovery Sport. Consumption, in any case, is fairly content.

The Range Rover Evoque Convertible is the first SUV convertible in history. Something makes us think that will not be the last, as some other manufacturer seems to come alive now with this idea (VW just introduced the T-Cross Breeze in Geneva), but the truth is that nobody can take away from this model label pioneer. In late spring marketing begins with a starting price of 54,700 euros for the TD4 150PS version 4 × 4 SE Dynamic

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