Sherp ATV

Can you imagine being able to drive on any surface? Even in the water. It is now possible with the Sherp ATV, a sort of tank wheels Russian-made that is capable of anything. An extreme creation available only to a few because their price exceeds 58,000 euros and more rigid structure for 62,800 euros.

Despite its stunning design, has a rather compact dimensions: just 3.4 meters long, that is. However, its height of 2.3 meters and its huge tires make him look like a mastodon. After military aspect that suit a vehicle similar to a tank with caterpillar hides operation, as the two wheels of each side move in solidarity.

Sherp ATV 2

Sherp ATV

Sherp ATV: the most extreme amphibious car
But the best of Sherp ATV is not to unfold in all lands, by complicated they may be, but is also able to browse (underwater) effectively. Its maximum ground speed is 45 km / h, while submerged can move up to 6 km / h. Not bad for an amphibious vehicle of this type.

The engine that moves is a 4-cylinder turbo diesel with 1.5 liter displacement and an output of 44 horses. Many may think that is a Justito power to push a vehicle of 1,300 kilograms for harsh environments, but the key seems to be in the gearbox (five-speed manual) having short enough developments to make the Sherp you can climb up walls. Nothing, no one, to stop it

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