Toyota Supra MK4 Fast & Furious 1

Toyota Supra MK4 Fast & Furious 1

Weeks ago we did echo of it would go to auction fourth-generation Toyota Supra that had appeared in the first installment of the Furious. Made by Eddie Paul at The Shark Shop, the Supra had an extensive list of changes according to the style and philosophy that is pursued in such delivery.

The Supra has starred as iconic as the mythical final race between the character who embodied Paul Walker (Brian O’Connor) and Vin Diesel (Dominic Toretto) to the back of a 1970 Dodge Charger scenes.

The Toyota Supra MK4 Fast & Furious 1 auction for 166,000 euros last three

And at the time we were struck that this was the 2JZ-GE atmospheric, instead of mythical 2JZ-GTE Twin Turbo, much more appropriate for these purposes, with 230 hp compared to 330 hp Twin Turbo. Of course, it takes many other improvements as a Bomex bodykit, APR rear wing, full roll cage, external fuel tank, bucket type seats, threaded suspension, personalized dashboard, aftermarket wheels, vinylated in the body, aftermarket steering wheel, nitrous oxide and up Box 20 speeds as usual in the first deliveries of the film.

The auction is over and this unit has been successfully placed by no less than 166,000 euros. A fairly high price, especially if we consider that is the atmospheric model -the units Twin Turbo manuals are fairly traded, but not reach these levels-but of course, plays to their appearances and further held after the sad event happened with Paul Walker and the premiere of the seventh installment that has broken all records

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