What You Need to Know about Replacement of Garage Door Hinges

Posted by Cordelia Topham

The replacement process of garage door hinges and rollers turns out too difficult and challenging for many modern homeowners. This article will describe one of the simplest ways of replacing rollers and hinges.

Speaking about replacement of rollers it should be mentioned that they need to be replaced when the garage door is in the raised position. First of all, the rollers attached to the hinges should be unscrewed. Thus, the hinge needs to be moved outward from the door to get far away from the track. The same procedure should be done to other new hinges you're going to install. The bolts can be tapped out with a hammer before the hinge will be released from the door. Turn back the nut a few times before tapping. To make your garage door more secure and safe, you can use a not big block of wood in the role of an intermediary between the bolt and the hammer if there is enough space.

Replacing the garage door hinge, the roller should be tipped back into the track, after what the hinge can be properly positioned. If it's possible, tap the bolts back through from the outside. There is a bolt in the garage doors called a carriage bolt. The bolt has no gripping surface that can hold anything while the nut is being tightened. But fortunately, it has a square lip under the smooth head that is pressed to the wood of the garage door. It's advised not to tighten the nut if the carriage bolt wasn't tapped in first. The matter is that it may not be located into the same square hole that was initially made in the door. Thus it can start turning after stripping out the wood. In this situation you're recommended to hold the second end of the threaded bolt with pliers while tightening the nut with a wrench. This is a very useful trick that should be known by everyone who wants to replace garage door hinges, especially if one has old garage doors which may have some rot around the bolt openings, particularly near the ground. Thus, the carriage bolts can turn without your control.

Follow the next pieces of advice and you're guaranteed to succeed in your garage door hinges replacement project.

1. Stick to any creative and clever, to your mind, method. You will also need a suitable ladder. It's also extremely important to brace up the panel before unbolting the garage door hinge. If you don't reinforce your door, it may soon start sagging and can even get broken.

2. If you replace a bottom garage door hinge, all tension should be removed from the cable or it can be disconnected from the bracket. Yu should bear in mind that the spring is very heavy and its weight can create a great force. Thus, if find it difficult to disconnect the cable (some cables are connected to the lower bracket on a permanent basis, making replacement very difficult), the cable should be clamped to the track. Some slack should be left on the roller bracket side!

3. Follow all the steps of the roller replacement carefully (described earlier).

4. After you have fastened down all bolts, the braces, clamps, etc. should be removed. After all this procedure you are highly recommended to check up the work of your garage door several times. Then, the garage door opener should be reengaged, of course, if you have one. Ensure that it works in a proper way.

We hope that the higher mentioned tips on replacement of garage door hinges will help you to make this project maximally enjoyable. Good luck!