Zotye T700

Zotye T700

From earlier times, we have witnessed how many Chinese companies have smoked intellectual property laws since they there in the Far East are much more lax and permissive that we know here in the old continent. So much to see outside replicas qeu very similar to models currently marketed in Europe without copying proprietary brand vehicle can do much.

The latest comes from the hand of Zotye, which just launched the T700, a replica of the successful Porsche Macan and where we can see how they have made virtually the same body panels and many of its details (grilles, bumpers, air inlets , mirrors …), establishing small differences, such as front and rear lights, lower threshold of the door, in addition to the design of the fog lights up even … the escape! which they are the same as the Turbo Macan.

: The Chinese copy of the Porsche Macan, considerably cheaper than the latter one

There is at present photos of the interior, but will obviously where more than meets the eye is a copy, by using quality materials and possibly considerably lower design qeu also vary widely. Under the hood we know will be provided by 2-liter four-cylinder 177 hp with a gearbox double clutch and six-speed, although in the future could ALSO land a 3 liters V6 twin-turbo and a power of 350 CV also developed by Zotye.

Recall that Zotye already have similar backgrounds as the previous model, the T600, was a cross between the Tiguan and Q5 or the Z700 was very similar to the Audi A6.

Its price starts at 25,000 euros to change and start marketing next year 2016.

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